ECP-series Electrical Core Holder


The ECP Series are standard hydrostatic type core holders equipped with electrical facilities rendering them ideal for reservoir-representative resistivity studies. Capillary pressure is generated by means of semi-permeable, pressure calibrated water-wet ceramic placed between the flow distribution and the core sample. Special Viton sleeves with two embedded circumferential electrodes are employed for high-accuracy sample resistivity measurements. Two other electrodes are in contact with the electrically isolated distribution plugs, thus allowing both two and four point resistivity measurements.


Operating pressure rating: 10,000 psi
Operating temperature: ambient or up to 150°C
Resisitivity measurement: 2 points and 4 points 
Fitting: NPT
Core diameter: Customer specified
Core length: Customer specified
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Sleeve material: Viton
Inlet port: 2
Outlet port: 1