NV-series High pressure needle valve


The NV series needle valves are designed for liquid and gas flow control. They are available in a variety of body styles, stems and seal materials. The models proposed are those, which are commonly used with Vinci’s instruments.


Wetted parts:
SS: Stainless steel
HC: Hastelloy
Flow path:
A: 2-ways straight needle valve
B: 2-ways angle needle valve
C: 3-ways two-inlet port needle valve
D: 3-ways two -outlet port needle valve
E: 2-stem manifold needle valve
Max. Pressure: 15,000 psi at 30°C
Max. Temperature: 200°C
Orifice: 2 mm (0.78")
Port connection: 1/8" LP
Stem type:
V: Vee
R: Regulating
Seal material:
T: Teflon
P: Peak


* Available in up to five flow path patterns.
* Non-rotating stem prevents stem/seat galling.
* Engineered and designed packing for reliable sealing.
* Metal-to-metal seating for longer seat life and excellent corrosion resistance.
* Vee or regulating tip stem.