2 phase VSE A-Ambient conditions Two phase video separator


The video separator is a high precision visualization device enabling the separation and volumetric determination of the produced liquid and gas phases during multiphase experiments at ambient conditions. A two-phase mixture first enters a vertical glass tube section, deemed the “separation tube”. The latter communicates at the top and bottom, with the “visualization tube” via two horizontal glass tube sections. By virtue of gravity, the lighter fluid comes to rest above the heavier fluid; in the separation tube, an emulsion of both fluids prevents an accurate volume determination, whereas in the other tube, a neat interface can be observed. This interface is constantly monitored by a video camera with integrated zoom. Placing a light behind the tube further facilitates discernment of the liquid/ liquid or gas/ liquid interface. A proprietary software interprets the streaming images and calculates produced fluid volumes and core saturation levels.


Max pressure:     Atmospheric pressure
Max temperature:   up to 40 °C
Max volume change:    50 ml (other upon request)
Volume accuracy:   0.01 ml
Material:     Glassware
Measurement resolution:    0.02 mm
Field of view:   50 mm
CDD colour camera:   5 megapixels
Lighting:    20 watts
Power:    110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz