OSID-Overburden spontaneous imbibition and drainage system


The OSID is specially designed to determine the end points of spontaneous drainage and imbibition curves. They can then be used in conjunction with those of the forced drainage and imbibition curves (e.g. obtained by centrifugation or core flooding) to calculate the wettability indices via the Amott formula. The device is mainly comprised of a flow controlled loop to displace water or oil over a core at overburden pressure to recreate spontaneous drainage and imbibition phenomena. The wetting and non-wetting phase volumes are continuously measured in a graduated glass separator. Multiple core sample configurations are also available upon request. 


Number of core samples: 1 (up to 6 upon request)
Core diameter: 1" or 1.5 " (other upon request)
Core length: up to 3"
Overburden pressure: up to 10,000  psi
Temperature: ambient
Readable burette volume: up to 20 cc
Core saturation accuracy: 0.1 cc  
Power supply: 110-220 VAC 50/60 Hz


* Overburden pressure testing conditions reflect reservoir conditions.
* Faster than standard Amott test. The fluid brushing mechanism accelerates the expulsion process, purely from molecular attraction forces.
* Simultaneous core sample processing available upon request.