NMRFLOOD-NMR coreflood


The Vinci NMRFLOOD allows various NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) experiments on core samples at reservoir-representative conditions up to 5,000 psi and 150°C. A pressurized and heated core sample, located in a special composite core holder is placed in a NMR scanner. The latter generates a magnetic field and excites the sample with a RF (Radio Frequency) pulse; hereafter, the in-situ fluids’ (oil, brine…) response is recorded. Essentially, the pulse is immediately followed by a NMR signal peak that decays with a characteristic relaxation time or decay rate, known as T2. The signal’s initial amplitude is an indicator of the total fluid content while the T2 yields valuable insight about the fluid’s surrounding environment (porosity, pore size distribution, wettability, capillary pressure…) at reservoir-representative conditions.


Confining pressure: 5,000 psi
Pore pressure: 5,000 psi
Maximum working temperature: 150°C
Core diameter: 1” and 1.5”
Core length: 1” to 2”
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Power supply: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure requirements: 7 bar (100 psi)


* NMR measurements on core samples at reservoir-representative conditions