CSGT-series Capillary sight glass tube


The capillary sight glass is a standard component employed in high pressure, high temperature multiphase (oil, gas, water, solvent…) fluid experiments. Fluids circulate in either direction through a see-through sapphire tube constrained by two flanges held together by four heavy duty bolts. These counteract the axial force applied by the fluid upon entering and exiting the sapphire tube. The sealing assembly consists of one O-Ring (Viton™ rubber) sandwiched between two backup rings (Teflon™). The flow line and internal volumes are minimized to grant highly accurate results. The optional video recording package includes a proprietary Vinci image analysis software, a high resolution camera equipped with an integrated zoom and a back lighting installed in the rear side of the capillary sight glass cell. The camera is connected to the computer via an Ethernet port and the captured images are displayed and recorded on the PC. The video software incorporates facilities which allow the operator to start or stop the recording and set the image sampling frequency.


Max pressure: 10,000 psi
Temperature: up to 150°C
Wetted parts: stainless steel or hastelloy