PETROWORKS-Petrophysical software

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With years of special core analysis and software engineering experience, Vinci Technologies has developed the most efficient and ergonomic program to analyze SCAL experimental data: Petroworks®. Laboratory experimental data are inputted into the powerful software which will derive the critical SCAL parameters such as relative permeability and generate a fully comprehensive report for petroleum engineers. Advanced users are granted the freedom to dictate the data processing protocol (model selection, fit selection etc.). Multiple modules are available; each being dedicated to a specific type of experiment, e.g. unsteady state liquid/liquid and liquid/gas, relative permeabilities tests. Petroworks® has been designed for experimental core analysts, to replace the cumbersome and error-prone calculations on platforms such as Microsoft Excel having limited statistical flexibility. It is a Windows based program built to compute the relevant parameters of core flooding studies based on user input and Special Core Analysis Laboratory (SCAL) experimental data.

Petroworks® covers an ample range of core flooding experiments such as:

- Drainage and imbibition
- Constant pressure drop and constant flow rate injections
- Liquid / liquid and liquid / gas displacements
- Atmospheric pressure tests and high pressure tests

Petroworks® comprises a core module which can be combined with a variety of interpretation and analysis modules dedicated to the treatment of real experimental data. Special attention has been given to raw data corrections (inlet dead volume, outlet dead volume, gas expansion, etc.).