RC 4500-Capillary pressure refrigerated centrifuge

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The refrigerated centrifuge allows the rapid, simultaneous determination of capillary pressure characteristics and relative permeability curves on up to six core samples. The device can also be utilized for sample reservoir condition restoration. Custom designed sample chambers can house core plug samples up to 1.5 inches in diameter and rotate them to a maximum velocity of 4,500 rpm. The apparatus consists of a rotor and cells (core holders) which can accommodate either 1”, 30 mm or 1.5” diameter cores. A digital camera continuously captures high resolution images of the cells, thereby enabling a visual surveillance of the displaced fluid volumes in each cell. An electronic speed control module with sequential speed variation capabilities, and a precision temperature control system are integrated into the device. If the maximum specified temperature is exceeded, the temperature is automatically adjusted accordingly. Furthermore, a rotor imbalance sensor ensures a safe, viable operation.


Oil-water drainage : 0 to 14.9 bar (+216 psi)
Oil-water imbibition: -0 to -18.8 bar (– 269 psi)
Air-water drainage: 0 to 44.6 bar (+647 psi)
Air-water imbibition: 0 to -55.6 bar (– 806 psi)
Speed regulation: ± 1 rpm
Temperature: 5°C (@speed = 0) to +90°C
Speed: from 200 up to 4500 RPM
Large radius: 26 cm
Power supply: 400 V 3 ~ + N


* Fast capillary pressure run (1 to 2 days)
* Tests at overburden pressure (5,000 psi max) and pore pressure (1,450 psi max ) conditions available.