Buffer chamber


The video presents a buffer chamber coupled between the MECATRANS UHV Linear Magnetic Transfer Tunnel and a PVD system. In this case, the Vinci Technologies Buffer Chamber

1) allows for sample size compatibility between the 2” molyblock receptacle from the transfer tunnel and the 6” sample holder in the PVD

2) acts as a re-orientation chamber; receives 2” sample with active face in a certain configuration and then flips and rotates to that active face is compatible with sputter up configuration of the PVD

3) provides for the system height compatibility. 1st Transfer rod transfers to docking station which is at the UHV Tunnel transfer height. The manipulator on the upper flange takes the sample from the docking station and places it on the lower transfer rod with its 6” adaptor plate which is set at the transfer height of the PVD system.

4) Provides UHV environment for sample going to and coming from the PVD systems (With TMP or Ion Pump depending on what process chamber it is coupled to)

The whole operation takes about 5mins max and at no point is the sample contaminated by exposing it to a high pressure or atmospheric environment. We have experience in coupling these buffer chambers to PVD, ALD, ICP and other growth and analysis chambers.